1. MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE YOUR MATCH WITHIN THE GIVEN TIMELINE FOR EACH ROUND: All matches must be completed within the specified time-period, else any match that is not completed within the time-frame or played outside the time-frame will be considered void. Later, “Championship Committee” shall provide ruling according to the situation / state of affairs,
(NOTE: There will be strictly no extension for any specific match related the “Time-Frame”).
2. MANDATORY REGISTRATION: Kindly collect the ‘Championship-Rules copy’ (including championship & local rules, handicap adjustment rationale (PGF & CONGU), and contact detail(s) of all participants, from the IGC reception office (near parking lot) and also deposit ‘Championship Entry Fee (Rs.400 per participant)’ before the first round match.
3. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PLAYER WHOSE NAME IS ON TOP IN THE DRAW TO CONTACT HIS OPPONENT & offer at least three alternative dates (at-least ONE (MUST) or Preferably TWO (MAY POSSIBLY), weekend days, [i.e. Sat or Sun]) within the specified time frame / deadline.
4. Reference Point-3 (mentioned above): If the opponent do not / cannot, accept any of the dates, the top player (name on top in draws) shall get a walk over and progress to the next round by default. However the Tournament Committee must be informed immediately. Incase there is no contact between the two players, the committee may disqualify both players or decide fate of the match through flip of the coin method.
5. Strokes will be given on the basis of ¾ of the difference in handicaps, (lower handicap being the back marker).
6. In case of a “Mixed Match” (Players, playing the same match from different tees), kindly consult the “Tournament Director” (0300-8588801) for rules regarding handicap allowances / adjustment ( CONGU Handicapping system & PGF Handicapping system for same match played form different tees) & stroke indexing OR refer to the “Championship-Rules copy” (Reference point-2).
7. All matches shall be played from the following Category-Specific TEE MARKERS;
o BLUE (AMATEURS - Handicap 18 & below)
o YELLOW (SENIORS – Age 55 to 65 & Handicap 18 & below)
o WHITE (VETERANS - Age 66 & above and Handicap 18 & below)
o RED (LADIES Handicap 24 & below)

Wherever placed on the match-day, Preferred-lie is permitted and winner of match must immediately inform the STARTER or the IGC-RECEPTIONIST about the result of the match. “Tournament Committee” will prefer to enter winner’s name with a Permanent-Marker only, therefore please do not write your name using any other pen or marker.
NOTE: Players are not allowed to change their “category” through the Championship.

EXAMPLE: Player A qualifies both for Amateur & Senior’s category, then decides to play his first round match from BLUE-Tees (AMATEUR CATEGORY), must play throughout the championship i.e. all next rounds from the same tee-markers (BLUE-Tees in this case).
8. Players participating in IGC Individual Match-Play Championship 2014 will have priority on the course and the right to get ‘Through’ over all other flights. All marshals have been informed.
9. Incase of a TIE, players must proceed (ASAP) for ‘Sudden-Death Play-Off”, starting from Tee # 1 (In regular course order, i.e. Hole 1 to 18).
10. If a dispute arises between the players and cannot be resolved immediately, a player may make a “CLAIM” & notify his opponent before teeing off the next tee, or if it is the last hole, before both players leave the putting green.
11. Reference Point-10 (mentioned above): On completion of the round, full facts of the dispute must be immediately / ASAP communicated to the Tournament Committee.

12. It is responsibility of the player to inform the Tournament Committee if his / her handicap or contact (mobile number) is changed during the championship.
All matches must be completed within the specified time period and any match that is played outside the time frame will be considered void. Later, Tournament Committee shall provide ruling according to the situation / state of affairs.
 IGC Tournament Committee wishes all the participants GOODLUCK & HAPPY GOLFING.

Honesty, Integrity, Courtesy: Three words that have come to represent the spirit in which the game of golf is played. Part of that spirit sits beneath the term, 'etiquette' and part of it relates to the Rules of Golf. But the Spirit of the Game goes much deeper than just those two tangible terms. It is something that every golfer should develop an innate sense of, something that is born of golf's unparalleled history, and something which lifts golf, one could argue, above other sports.
Whether it's through divot and pitch-mark repair, or simply through silence on the tee, the spirit of the game dictates that players make sure they give others on the course, often opponents, a fair chance to play the best shot they can. For most of us, the game of golf is self-regulating. There is seldom a referee present so we are reliant upon our own honest adherence to the Rules in order to enjoy the game. As a result we are all occasionally forced to call a penalty on ourselves for infringements which, often, will go unnoticed by everyone else. It is this dependency upon honesty and courtesy that has elevated 'integrity' to sacrosanct status. Without them, we may as well hang up our clubs.